Why is the FlexFit Shield better than sunglasses?

Don't get us wrong, we love sunglasses!  We just believe there is a better option for some active sports - cycling is one of them.

 You will see more.  The FlexFit Shield provides an unobstructed view, so no more peering over the top of your sun glasses and no more blocked vision due to sweat pooling and bulky frames.

 You will stay cooler.  The FlexFit Shield dramatically improves airflow around your eyes and forehead compared to sunglasses, keeping you cooler and more comfortable during your ride.

 You will be more comfortable.  Pinching from the sunglasses bows is eliminated.  The FlexFit Shield is mounted directly your helmet, you will forget it is even attached!

 The Shield’s HD polarized optics let you to experience outstanding clarity, contrast, and depth perception.



Will it fit my helmet?

The mounting system is designed to be universal, fitting most standard bicycle helmets.


 Does the Shield block harmful UV rays?

Yes.  The FlexFit polarized shield drastically reduces glare and eye strain and blocks UVA and UVB rays.



Can I wear prescription glasses under the FlexFit Shield?

Yes.  There is plenty of room for your prescription glasses.


Is the FlexFit Shield aerodynamic?

Yes.  Road tests at high speeds and in cross winds showed little or no perceptible wind resistance.  You almost forget you are wearing it. 


 Can I swap the Shield between helmets?

Yes.  One extra fastener is included with each FlexFit Shield.  Use the extra fastener on your other helmet.


My helmet has an attached sun visor; can I still use the FlexFit Shield?

Yes - in most cases.  If your helmet has a visor check to see if there is a surface directly underneath the visor to attach the lens.  Many of the visors are removable.  Removing the visor before installing the FlexFit Shield will make mounting easier.


Can the fastener strip be removed from my helmet?

Yes. The fastener strip is designed to adhere to your helmet under extreme weather conditions.  However if you choose to remover the fastener,  do it slowly so you do exert excessive force on the helmet shell,  the fastener will leave almost no residue.


 The fastener strip is not sticking to my helmet.

Most every bike helmet is made of expanded polystyrene foam covered with a thin plastic shell.  Make sure you are attaching the fastener to the plastic shell not the foam.

1.  Make sure the surface is clean and dry, free from oil and dirt.  Use a small alcohol swab or mild dish soap to clean the brim of your helmet - the surface must be dry before mounting the fastener strip.

2.  Try not to touch the fastener strip's adhesive side, handle it by the edges.

3.  Press down on the fastener with firm pressure, max adhesion will be achieved in about an hour.


 The FlexFit Shield does not seem to cover my eyes.

This is most likely caused by improper helmet fit.  Make sure your helmet is properly fitted and adjusted.  Worn low and level with snug straps.  Correct helmet fit and placement is critical to your safety in the event of impact.  Video on how to fit a bicycle helmet.


The lens is cloudy, I can't see through it.

Verify that the protective film is removed from both sides of the lens.